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Suffering from hearing loss is not always obvious, but can be isolating and can lead to other health conditions. That’s why it is important to check your hearing regularly, in the same way that you check your eyesight. Our hearing care specialists are on hand to offer free hearing tests and hearing health checks.

Our Audiologist will test your hearing, explain the results to you and advice you on any hearing solutions that might be needed. If you are suffering from ear wax, we can offer ear wax removal using the safe and highly effective microsuction ear wax removal system.

We are independent so offer hearing aids from all the leading brands so we can work with you to find the best aid to suit your needs and your budget.

Book your free hearing test with our hearing care team and look after your hearing as well as your eyesight.


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Avner Brodie

Avner graduated in 2010 from the University of Manchester with a BSc (Hons) Audiology degree. During his training, Avner worked in various hospitals including North Manchester General, Wythenshawe, Sheffield Paediatric Specialists and on the Manchester Cochlear Implant Team. He then went on to work for several hearing companies, developing a keen appreciation of the variety of hearing aids that are available. Avner is very passionate about providing the ideal hearing solutions, alongside a unique and personalised service to every client, enabling them to live life to their fullest. Avner is trained in offering ear wax removal services using microsuction.

Outside of work Avner is a keen squash player and he is actively involved with his community. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children and believes this is very important for a clear work life balance.

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