Hearing Tests in South Shields

If you find it more difficult to hear conversations with friends and family, or find you need to turn up the volume on the television, you may be suffering from hearing loss. Gradual hearing loss is far more common than people think, and is not always age related. Visit our hearing clinic based in S Walton Eyecare, for a FREE hearing assessment and find out how good your hearing is and whether you have any cause for concern.

Our hearing care specialist will assess every detail of your hearing concerns and requirements and offer friendly and professional advice to suit your needs. If a hearing solution is recommended, our audiologist will explain all the types of hearing aids available to you, including invisible, rechargeable and bluetooth hearing aids. And because we’re independent, we offer a wide range from all the leading brands. We’re not limited to offering just one or two like many high street hearing care companies and you’re guaranteed a competitive price and first-class aftercare on your doorstep here in South Shields!

If you’re suffering from excess ear wax, our hearing clinic offer painless and quick ear wax removal, using microsuction – a clean, safe and efficient methods that does not use any liquids. Just get in touch to book your wax removal appointment. 

Buses from the town centre, Biddick Hall, Boldon Colliery, Brockley Whins, Chichester, Cleadon Park, Fellgate, Hedworth, Laygate, The Lonnen, The Nook, Simonside, Tyne Dock, West Boldon, Westoe and Whiteleas stop right outside our practice.

Tyne Dock Metro station is just a few minutes’ walk away, and there is ample free parking behind the practice off Alnwick Road.

The practice has been adapted for ease of access for patients with mobility issues, including a wheelchair ramp at the rear entrance with direct access to the free car park. We also have assistance steps at both the front and back entrances and handles fitted at the back to make the building as accessible as possible.

Book your FREE hearing test today. 

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Chloe Browne

After starting as an optical apprentice, Chloe quickly found her love for audiology and became a HCA, moving on to complete her degree as a hearing aid dispenser. Chloe has worked in both NHS and private hearing care. In more recent years, she has focussed on solely private hearing care as she appreciates that the pace of work privately allows her to spend all the time she needs with her patients to ensure the most premium and quality service is provided. Chloe’s main focus is always her patient and she gets great pleasure from helping people. 

Outside of work, Chloe is very family orientated and spends all her time with her partner, friends and family. She goes to a bootcamp which has given her some focus outside of work to do something for herself.

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