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Do you find yourself asking friends to repeat themselves and have to turn up the TV until others say it’s too loud? If you are concerned about your hearing loss, don’t put off getting a hearing test any longer. Getting your hearing checked is easy and free when you book in at our hearing clinic at Chineham Opticians.

Based in the Chineham Shopping Centre near Basingstoke, our hearing clinic offers a wide range of services including free hearing tests, hearing health checks, earwax removal, tinnitus advice, hearing protection advice, hearing aid repair, hearing care, and a full aftercare service.

Book your free hearing test today at Chineham Opticians in Chineham and take the first step towards better hearing health.

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Sidra Karim

Sidra graduated in June 2021 from Aston University and has previously worked as an Audiologist with the NHS. Sidra was really drawn to the unique blend of clinical care and technical expertise that is developed as an Audiologist. She enjoys the theory of audiology very much and finds being able to implement that in real clinical settings fantastic, especially when she sees the impact good hearing aid provision has on quality of life.

In her spare time, Sidra spends most of her time reading mystery and fantasy novels, and coming up with wild theories as to how a story will conclude – often from the first chapter. When not reading Sidra enjoys drawing and swimming, although she is usually plays a high-stakes game of Tetris with her bookshelf, in a futile attempt to fit another book somewhere.

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