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Hearing loss is all too often something that people put up with. Left untreated it can eventually become a considerable problem. If deteriorating hearing is beginning to impact on your daily life, then a hearing check can help you wrestle back control.

By booking a test, you’re on your way to restoring your hearing. Our hearing care professional can help you with your hearing concerns, and advise you the most suitable options to help improve your hearing.

If you require a hearing aid, our team will help you choose the right option for you, based on your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. All our hearing aids come with lifetime aftercare and up to a 5-year warranty, so you can rely on your hearing aids for years to come.

Our hearing clinic in Littlehampton is conveniently based in Direct Optical, opposite Sainsburys and the Millennium Clock Tower. Littlehampton train station is just a short walk away and car parking is available at Surrey Street car park.

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Pedro Pereira

Upon becoming an Audiologist in 2012, graduating with a degree in Audiology BSc from Porto, Portugal, Pedro set out on a mission to make a difference in people’s lives. Through his work, in the UK since 2013 in both the NHS and private practices in London, Hampshire and the West Sussex area, Pedro discovered the incredible importance of maintaining a delicate balance between hearing, balance, and cognitive skill. Pedro has dedicated himself to finding innovative solutions to enhance these aspects for his patients. Hearing in noise can be a tremendous challenge, robbing individuals of the joy of social interactions and leaving them feeling isolated.   

As an audiologist and a family man, Pedro understands the value of meaningful interactions. Each patient is unique, and he approaches their care with utmost compassion and empathy. Building strong relationships with his patients and their families, Pedro ensures that their experience with him is not only effective, but also filled with warmth and genuine care.

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