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Hearing loss is a problem that affects many people. At our hearing clinic based in Enderby & Hallgate Opticians, in Boston, we believe that hearing is an essential part of living life to the fullest. Our experienced audiologists are dedicated to providing comprehensive hearing assessments and tailored solutions that will help you rediscover the joy of sound.

Whether you need a routine hearing test, hearing aids, tinnitus advice, ear wax removal or have any hearing concerns, our team of skilled professionals is ready to provide you with exceptional care.

Find us on the corner of Wide Bargate, opposite the roundabout and just down the road from Maud Foster Mill. Our beautiful old building has a grand front door, but the main entrance is a step-free access just around the corner on Horncastle Road. There is public car parking at nearby Maud Street and Bargate Green Car Parks, plus parking at the Boston Shopping Centre car park across the road. The nearest bus stop is on the corner of Hardcastle Road and Hartley Street, a three minute walk away.

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Divya Sampath

Divya has an MSc in Audiology and has been practising Audiology for over 12 years. Her main goal is to create awareness about hearing health and hearing solutions amongst the general public, and she is very active on social media to help raise the profile of hearing care. Divya enjoys understanding her patients’ everyday communication struggles and helping them comprehend the working of the ears, their hearing level and the importance of hearing solutions in improving their quality of life, hearing health and happiness. The smile on their face when they can hear clearly is like the icing on the cake she says. 

In her free time, Divya is kept busy by her young daughter Ivy. They love going out on walks, singing and dancing. Divya also enjoys cooking and meeting up with friends.


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