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Maintaining good hearing is an essential part of our health. That’s why at our Codsall hearing clinic based at Flint & Partners Opticians, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality care to every one of our patients. By taking a personalised approach and using the latest technology, we deliver the very best hearing care in Codsall to ensure that your hearing needs are always fulfilled. If you are experiencing any tinnitus, fullness in your ears or hearing difficulties, this can be caused by excess ear wax in your ear canal. We offer a quick and painless service to get rid of this ear wax and restore your hearing. We offer free hearing tests and hearing health checks to assess your hearing loss and make recommendations on any treatment or hearing solutions needed.

Booking a hearing test is a great way of discovering how you can best take care of your hearing, both now and in the future. At our Codsall hearing clinic, you can expect a high level of hearing care, and we can advise you on all the hearing aids available from all leading brands, including invisible and rechargeable hearing aids. Each of these comes with up to a five-year guarantee and lifetime aftercare.

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Aamir Khan

Aamir qualified as an Audiologist in 2017. He graduated from Aston University, where he achieved a First Class Honours and experience in North Devon District Hospital. He was also awarded ‘Otometrics Prize: Greatest Development in Clinical Practice’. He has worked in a range of Audiological fields including NHS which incorporated Paediatric, Balance and Tinnitus management, field-based domiciliary work and independent practices. His drive in life is to help people, so he loves putting on his audiology shoes offering his help, care and expertise on a daily basis.

Aamir also loves putting on his running shoes, he has completed the Birmingham 10K and half marathon. He aims to complete the full marathon sometime soon. Aamir enjoys spending time with family and days out with his wife and their daughter.

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