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Many people suffer hearing loss, and when they do the experience can be distressing. It brings with it a range of challenges, causing a significant deterioration in the sufferer’s quality of life. A hearing test can identify the cause of hearing loss, and help to find the best solution.

At our Heswall and the Wirral hearing clinic, based at Heswall Opticians, our hearing expert can identify what’s causing your hearing loss and then recommend the most appropriate solution. We offer free hearing assessments and hearing health checks, and if you find you need a hearing aid, we have a wide range to choose from, including invisible in-the-ear hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids and digital options, from all the leading brands. All our hearing aids come with free lifetime aftercare and up to 5 years’ warranty.

One of the most common causes of hearing loss is the build-up of excess ear wax in the ear canal. Wax removal is a simple and painless process using microsuction that can restore your hearing and ease that feeling of fullness in your ears. Just get in touch to book your wax removal appointment.

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Graham Roberts

Since qualifying nearly 20 years ago, Graham has had a number of roles within the Audiology profession including National Training Manager for a leading hearing aid manufacturer, working with Audiologists both in Hospital Departments and Private Practice. This practical experience helps him to improve his clients’ quality of life with friendly relevant advice and the most appropriate technologies available.

Family time is very important to Graham, and he has also enjoyed playing lots of sports. He’s recently taken up swimming to keep fit, as it’s a bit easier on the knees these days! He’d also like to play a little more golf but admits his game is very ‘hit and miss’ at the moment.

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