Hearing Tests in Wellington, Telford

If you are finding you have to ask people to repeat themselves, or you can’t hear on the phone, you may be suffering gradual hearing loss? Deterioration in hearing is not always age related and can be a symptom of underlying health conditions, so should always be checked.

At our Wellington hearing centre, based at John Biddle Opticians in Wellington, we offer free hearing tests and hearing health checks. Our audiologist will assess your hearing and examine your ear canal. If you are suffering from excess ear wax, we can remove this using microsuction wax removal.

Our audiologist can advise you on a host of hearing solutions and hearing aids to get the best from your hearing and live life to the full again!

Our hearing clinic in Telford, is in the quaint and popular market town of Wellington. There is easy free parking near our hearing clinic for 2 hours and we are very close to Wellington train station.

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Aamir Khan

Aamir qualified as an Audiologist in 2017. He graduated from Aston University, where he achieved a First Class Honours and experience in North Devon District Hospital. He has worked in a range of Audiological fields including the NHS, which incorporated Paediatrics, Balance and Tinnitus management, field-based domiciliary work and independent practice. His drive in life is to help people, so he loves putting on his audiology shoes offering his help, care and expertise on a daily basis.

Aamir also loves putting on his running shoes – he has completed the Birmingham 10K and half marathon. He aims to complete the full marathon sometime soon. Aamir enjoys spending time with family, and days out with his wife and their daughter.

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