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If you’re having trouble hearing clearly, taking part in conversations, or listening to the TV at a different volume than everyone else, you may be suffering from hearing loss. Gradual hearing loss can often go unnoticed and is not always age related, so it is important to always get it checked. Hearing loss can contribute to cognitive decline and is contributory to dementia so looking after your hearing also means looking after your brain health.

At your local Bexleyheath audiology centre, based in Linklaters Optometrists, our expert audiologist offers FREE hearing assessments and hearing checks. They will be able to assess your brain health, how well you hear speech and process the sounds around you and make recommendations to help you.

As an independent hearing provider in Bexleyheath, we dispense hearing aids from all the leading hearing aid manufacturers, not just one or two – and all at a competitive price – so you are assured of a hearing solution to suit your lifestyle and budget. All our hearing aids come with free lifetime aftercare and up to 5 years’ warranty.

We also offer an ear wax removal service at our Bexleyheath hearing centre, and we can help with managing tinnitus, hearing protection, hearing aid servicing, repairs and cleaning. Get in touch to book your hearing consultation and free hearing assessment today.

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Kaz Shiraz

Kaz graduated in 2009 with a BSc Audiology degree. During his training, Kaz worked at the local hospital in High Wycombe and on graduating worked in Austria for a leading cochlear implant manufacturer. He then went onto work for one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers as a technical support audiologist, supporting audiologist and hearing aid users with technical advice and training to achieve effective outcomes. He progressed to be Head of Technical Support for the UK operations. Kaz is very passionate about his independence as a hearing care professional and being able to offer a unique service to every client based on their individual needs. Kaz is also trained in offering ear wax removal services using the Clearwax endoscope and microsuction.

Outside of work Kaz is a keen footballer and cricketer. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family and believes this is so important for positive wellbeing.

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