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Now more than ever, we are relying on our hearing for online meetings, calls with family, and remote socialising with friends. If you have noticed that your hearing is muffled or that you are struggling to follow what is being said, you can enjoy a complimentary hearing check with Norville-opticians in Keynsham.

Norville Opticians & Hearing Care in Keynsham is an independent optical practice, established in 1898. Booking a hearing test is a great way of discovering how you can best take care of your hearing, both now and in the future. At any one of our Opticare branches, you can expect a high level of hearing aid care, such as providing you with invisible and rechargeable hearing aids. Each of these comes with up to a five-year guarantee and lifetime aftercare.

Keep your regular life unaffected by hearing loss. To schedule a free hearing exam, contact us.

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Natasha Bone

Natasha has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in Audiology, having two degrees; one in Hearing Aid Audiology and the other in English and American Studies. Natasha is qualified in clinical ear care, irrigation, micro-suction and ear wax removal and graduated top of her class with distinction. She has worked for both independent and larger companies providing hearing care at home and within branches.

Natasha is passionate about life, people and Audiology and feels incredibly lucky every day that she works within a profession that encompasses those passions. Audiology is about people; “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” Helen Keller summarised Audiology before it was an established science. Audiology brings people back together.

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