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Having trouble hearing conversations, needing to turn the TV or radio up louder than normal, having trouble hearing in busy situations, and constantly asking individuals to repeat themselves are some of the most typical indications of hearing loss. If you recognise any of these signs, we recommend seeking treatment as soon as possible.

Querido & Davidson Opticians is a National Award winning, independent and family owned Opticians in Newcastle. Our practice was established in 1956 by Victor Graham. Located on Chillingham Road in Heaton, Querido & Davidson provides independent hearing care, with our friendly and welcoming staff eager to share their experience and knowledge so you can make the best decisions for your hearing.

We offers hearing health checks, earwax removal, tinnitus advice, hearing protection advice, hearing aid repair, hearing care, and a full aftercare service. As an independent provider we’re able to offer the most advanced digital hearing aid systems from world leading manufacturers. We tailor each device to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Booking a hearing test is a great way of discovering how you can best take care of your hearing, both now and in the future.

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Chloe Browne

After starting as an optical apprentice, Chloe quickly found her love for audiology and became a HCA, moving on to complete her degree as a hearing aid dispenser. Chloe has worked in both NHS and private hearing care. In more recent years, she has focussed on solely private hearing care as she appreciates that the pace of work privately allows her to spend all the time she needs with her patients to ensure the most premium and quality service is provided. Chloe’s main focus is always her patient and she gets great pleasure from helping people. 

Outside of work, Chloe is very family orientated and spends all her time with her partner, friends and family. She goes to a bootcamp which has given her some focus outside of work to do something for herself.

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Querido & Davidson Opticians, Newcastle upon Tyne

Querido & Davidson Opticians, Newcastle upon Tyne

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