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Urquharts Prestwick opticians have been delivering the best quality services for over 100 years. Our focus is on our community. We are committed to providing the best clinical care, high quality service and aftercare. At our hearing clinic, we understand that hearing loss can be a gradual process that often goes unnoticed until it becomes a significant problem. That’s why we recommend that you pay attention to the signs of hearing loss and seek help as soon as possible.

We are based at 77 Main Street, Prestwick. The practice is easily accessible from either Troon/Monkton/M77 or from Ayr. The practice is a white building with external signage and is next door to the Buzzworks establishment, LIDO. There is on street parking all along Prestwick Main Street, including directly outside the practice. This parking is not chargeable and there is a maximum stay of 1 hour and no return within X. There is also parking to the rear of the practice on Ladykirk Road. If you wish to park for longer, there is free parking at the Prestwick Esplanade down at the beach.

The practice itself can be accessed by a Wheelchair but unfortunately the test room cannot be. There are two steps before entering the test room.

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Kristopher Borland

Kris started his career as a police officer and, after six years, retrained to work in audiology, which he has done for the past ten years. Kris is always keen to help and make a difference for his patients, helping them to improve their hearing and quality of life. He strives to ensure the consultation experience is relaxed and informative.

In his spare time, Kris is always on the go, between attending the gym, playing football and running after his two daughters.

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Urquhart Opticians, Prestwick

Urquhart Opticians, Prestwick

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