Hearing tests, hearing aids and ear wax removal in Leeds

Complete hearing care available at your local Amplify Hearing Audiologist at Simon Falk Eyecare in Leeds

Hearing tests & hearing aids in Leeds

Anyone over the age of 18 can get a hearing test, and if you’re aged 55 or over, you’re entitled to a FREE hearing test and hearing healthcare check up. This is because hearing loss is largely, but not always, age related. We recommend booking a hearing test every year. You don’t need a GP or ENT referral, just fill in the form below to request an appointment with an independent audiologist at our Leeds hearing care practice.

If you need, or already have hearing aids, as part of your hearing consultation with our audiologist, we will explain the various types of hearing aids to you, and make recommendations based on your hearing loss, your needs and usage of the hearing solution. And because we are independent, you can choose from a full range of hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers, unlike many hearing aid providers.

Ear wax removal in Leeds

Earwax is good for the health of your ears and it plays a vital role in preventing infection and removing debris from the ear canal. However, some people produce more than others, making them prone to a build-up over time that can become hard and impacted, leading to irritation, hearing loss, or infection, if not removed. Our qualified audiologists at our Leeds practice can provide effective and safe ear wax removal for  instant relief from any pain or discomfort.

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Directions to our local practice in Leeds

Our hearing clinic is conveniently located close to Roundhay Park, next door to Grön Kafé, Oakwood Property Solicitors, and across from Oakwood Pharmacy. On-street parking is available outside and opposite the practice and a bus stop is located right outside our door for our patients travelling by bus.

Services available at our local practice in Leeds

Free hearing tests

We will check how well you can hear and examine your inner ears to ensure they are healthy.

Hearing aids

We offer the very latest in digital, rechargeable and discreet hearing aids from all the leading brands to give you a uniquely tailored solution.

Ear wax removal

We remove excess and uncomfortable hard and impacted ear wax so you can enjoy the world around you.

Service & repairs

We’ll keep your hearing aids performing as they should with regular servicing and repairs if you need them, keeping you connected.

Tinnitus advice

We will assess your tinnitus and advise on personalised hearing solutions to help you.

Free aftercare

We will regularly check your hearing health and service your hearing aids for life – completely free. It’s all part of what we do.

Home visits

No problem! We can arrange to come and see you in the comfort of your home if you need us.


We are hearing care specialists and are here to offer comprehensive, unbiased and expert advice.

Amplify Hearing's Audiologist and Hearing Care Specialist, Jason Hill, who provides hearing health checks and ear was removal wearing a black shirt and smiling.

Your local Amplify Hearing Audiologist

Jason Hill

Jason qualified 15 years ago after experiencing the effects hearing loss had on his father’s life and the impact it had on family and friends. From this experience, Jason truly understands the effect this can have on his clients, so he always opts to go the extra mile to find the correct hearing solution for each individual person.