Our prices

Aftercare is free

Our independent audiologists don’t just sell hearing aids, they provide complete hearing health care solutions, with FREE aftercare for the lifetime of your hearing devices.

Take a look at our aftercare to find out more about the comprehensive range of services and guarantees we include. There’s a reason why independent hearing aid providers, like us, were the only hearing aid providers to achieve 5 stars in the Which? Survey of the Best Hearing Aid Providers for 2021, for aftercare. And survey respondents praised independents’ prices and value for money too.

Choosing what’s right for you

We’ll help you choose the right solution for you – to suit your hearing loss, the challenges you face in different listening environments, your lifestyle and your budget. The price of your hearing solution depends on your hearing loss, the type of hearing aid you choose, and its features. Our audiologist will take you through the options available to you after your hearing test.

Our hearing aid range and prices

We offer hearing solutions from all the leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Our budget range starts from just £850 for one hearing aid, and we offer a full selection including sophisticated, custom made, digital hearing aids for up to £4,000 for a pair.

BLUE DIAMOND – Binaural (Pair) £4,000

DIAMOND – Binaural (Pair) £3300

SAPPHIRE – Binaural (Pair) £2800

EMERALD – Binaural (Pair) £2380

RUBY – Binaural (Pair) £1850

ESSENTIAL – Binaural (Pair) £1380

All hearing aids include 4 years of aftercare and 60-day full return periods | Rechargeable option available at every level – £400

A wise investment

Hearing aids aren’t just about helping your hearing, they are also proven to help improve your quality of life and lessen your susceptibility to other age-related health conditions, like dementia. Being able to hear means less social isolation, more confidence and heightened cognitive ability. That’s why investing in a hearing solution can be a wise investment for your health and happiness!