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Hearing loss can worsen over time if it is not addressed, making it much more challenging to hear and interact with people around you, leaving you feeling excluded and isolated. Hearing loss has a proven connection to other health conditions, like anxiety, depression and dementia, so it’s important to get any changes in your hearing checked and remedied as soon as possible.

At our Solihull hearing clinic, based at J and D Mason Opticians, we offer free hearing health checks and hearing tests to assess your hearing, check your ear health and make recommendations on any hearing treatment or solutions that may benefit you. Our audiologist can demonstrate all the latest technology in hearing aids, including bluetooth digital hearing aids and we have models that are incredibly discreet and cannot be seen when worn.

Our Solihull audiologist also offers wax removal services using microsuction, advice on managing tinnitus including tinnitus masking hearing aids, hearing aid servicing and repairs, aftercare and hearing protection advice.

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Harriett Rowlands

Harriett shares our passion for delivering evidential clinical based advice on audiological services. Fully qualified and practising for over 10 years she started audiology with her family business moving on to other national companies working with all manufacturers gaining a great relationship and she has a vast knowledge base of technology. She is qualified in wax removal and is studying for a PhD in hearing therapy to add to her experience and passion for learning.

Harriett enjoys improving the quality of life for her patients and she prides herself on always being fair with advice to help set realistic expectations. She likes to help educate people about hearing loss and how it can be improved with the correct systems and aftercare. 

Harriett is a lover of the great outdoors, and she especially enjoys clay shooting. She is an active gym member and she enjoys spending time with family and friends, with lots of dog walking and lazy Sundays to complete the week.

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