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Living in lovely Weston-Super-Mare, there is so much to enjoy. But you may be enjoying it a little less if you are suffering from hearing loss. This can be a worrying and frightening occurrence, but at Optika we are here for you. Hearing loss can happen for many reasons, and we encourage people take care of their hearing as we understand the difficulties that hearing loss can bring. If you’d like to book an appointment with our audiologist simply contact us today and know that your ear health is in good hands.

Optika Opticians is a family-owned company. Our friendly and family-focused practice is located on Weston-Super-Mare High Street, close to the Italian Gardens and Sovereign Shopping Centre – so you can enjoy a little shopping after your visit. We are focused on providing value through personal service, via highly qualified staff and by offering the latest technologies from the worlds leading manufacturers. We collaborate with all the main hearing aid producers and provide a selection of devices to meet your individual requirements and financial constraints. Optika Opticians Clinic offers a wide range of services including free hearing tests, hearing health checks, earwax removal, tinnitus advice, hearing protection advice, hearing aid repairs and hearing care.

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Natasha Bone

Natasha has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in Audiology, having two degrees; one in Hearing Aid Audiology and the other in English and American Studies. Natasha is qualified in clinical ear care, irrigation, micro-suction and ear wax removal and graduated top of her class with distinction. She has worked for both independent and larger companies providing hearing care at home and within branches.

Natasha is passionate about life, people and Audiology and feels incredibly lucky every day that she works within a profession that encompasses those passions. Audiology is about people; “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” Helen Keller summarised Audiology before it was an established science. Audiology brings people back together.

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