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Poor hearing can have a significant impact on your everyday life. If you find yourself constantly asking friends to repeat themselves, rewinding films and shows or not being able to communicate with colleagues, getting a hearing test could be the answer. Whether you need wax removal or hearing aids, we will be able to advise you on the best options for your hearing. With lifetime aftercare, repair and servicing, you can trust Wigram and Ware practice to look after you and your ears for life.

We can offer a wide range of hearing care technology for any type of patient with any type of hearing loss. Whether it’s Starkey, Resound, Widex, Phonak or Signia, our detailed diagnostic assessments will guide you to the specific hearing aids that are the best choice for your lifestyle and hobbies.

Based in King’s Lynn, we are on Blackfriar’s Street, near Paradise Parade. Our friendly and professional service is delivered by a dedicated and experienced practitioner who works with our team to meet the bespoke needs of each individual patient.

Book a complimentary hearing test with us today and we will work together to bring you the solutions you need.


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Divya Sampath

Divya has an MSc in Audiology and has been practising Audiology for over 12 years. Her main goal is to create awareness about hearing health and hearing solutions amongst the general public, and she is very active on social media to help raise the profile of hearing care. Divya enjoys understanding her patients’ everyday communication struggles and helping them comprehend the working of the ears, their hearing level and the importance of hearing solutions in improving their quality of life, hearing health and happiness. The smile on their face when they can hear clearly is like the icing on the cake she says. 

In her free time, Divya is kept busy by her young daughter Ivy. They love going out on walks, singing and dancing. Divya also enjoys cooking and meeting up with friends.


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